Guidelines for creating mockups

HANKO Luxembourg can manufacture rubber stamps from your models. To do this, attach a file to your order using the IMPORT button, present on all the pages of the customizable stamps. You can also send us your model by e-mail to mentioning the order number you get after the payment.

File formats and guidelines

  1. Minimum resolution of your file: 300 DPI (we recommend 600 DPI for best results)
  2. Accepted file formats: PDF, JPG (JPEG), EPS or PNG
  3. Recommended format: PDF with text converted to paths
  4. Files must not contain cutting lines or other elements that will not be part of the stamp
  5. Please check that the dimensions of your model correspond to the dimensions of the stamp selected, however a margin of 0.5mm must be left
  6. Your file must be in black and white, i.e. no shades of gray
  7. Minimum text size: 7pt (points)
  8. There is no need to reverse your artwork, our engraving software will take care of it

HANKO Luxembourg advises you to always print your models for evaluation. Check that the text is perfectly legible and does not contain any spelling mistakes. In order to guarantee impeccable quality, all files are checked by our team before production and we will inform you in the event of a problem.


Download templates (PDF | 63KB). You can download with the link on the left the templates of all the customizable stamps of HANKO Luxembourg. This will allow you to easily find the stamp you need.

Create a model with Microsoft Word

You can easily create the composition for your rubber stamp yourself with Microsoft Word. However, the following two constraints must be taken into account:

  1. the dimensions of the page must correspond to the dimensions of the stamp chosen.
  2. you must export it in PDF format (Word files are not accepted)

We have created a tutorial with detailed explanations on the procedure to follow which you can consult on the following page: Creating rubber stamps with Microsoft Word.


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