On this page, we have summarized the answers to the most frequently asked questions for you. However, if you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us by e-mail: info@hanko.lu

What are the delivery times ?

In Luxembourg, allow 2 to 3 working days. For other European countries, the delivery time is approximately 5 to 6 working days.

How much does an ink pad cost?

It depends on what you need. You can send us your text, logo or model by e-mail and our team will find the best suitable stamp for you. to your needs. You will receive a quote with a visual of the imprint in less than 24 hours.

What information should an official company stamp include?

Here is the information often indicated on company stamps:

  • The company logo
  • The name of the company with its legal form (SA, SARL, ASBL, etc.)
  • Head office address
  • Telephone, fax, e-mail address and website
  • The amount of share capital
  • The registration number, the RCS number and the intra-community VAT number

You will find below a selection of stamps that are perfect for this type of use:

Can I replace the marking system of my date stamp?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to replace the system used to mark the date. However, we can reproduce your expired date stamp. To do this, send us a scan of his fingerprint by E-mail and you will receive a quote within 24 hours.

What file formats are accepted?

We accept the following file types: PDF, AI, EPS, PNG and JPG (JPEG). For more detailed information regarding file design, please refer to the following page: instructions for creating models

Can you create a stamp if I send you the text or a visual?

We will be happy to create the design of your future stamp pad. For this, please send us by E-mail your text, logo and/or images and we will provide you with a quote with a visual of the imprint in less than 24 hours.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes. Email us your order form at info@hanko.lu.

What are the payment options available

You can pay for your order in different ways:

  1. By credit card (Mastercard, Visa or American Express)
  2. With PayPal
  3. By bank transfer (our bank details are indicated on your invoice)

When should the stamp ink cassette be changed?

When you are no longer satisfied with the intensity of the imprint, you must change the ink cartridge of your stamp. You can easily find the ink cartridge compatible with your stamp by searching for your stamp model on our site. For instance " 4912 " Where " 5480 ".

I already have a stamp, can I change the text?

Yes it's possible. You can order a rubber plate to replace your current pad. For best results, we recommend that you also replace the ink cartridge, because it deteriorates over time. Use the product search to easily find the plate and ink cartridge for your stamp. For example, try searching for " 4913 " or " Printer 30 ".

How to replace the rubber plate?

  1. First of all block your stamp and put it upside down on a table, the name of the stamp written on the box, must be oriented towards you.
  2. Remove the plate with your fingers or a tool (eg a cutter or a flat screwdriver), it should come off easily. No residue should be left.
  3. The new plate comes with a double-sided sticker. First stick the sticker on the stamp and then put the plate on the sticker. Be careful not to stick this one upside down, the first line of text should be at the top.
  4. In most cases, a label will be supplied with your new plate. Once the plate has been replaced, stamp on the label and replace the old one.

How do I change the ink cartridge of my stamp?

It depends on the stamp – you will find guides with pictures for all Trodat stamp models on the following page: user tips.

For stamps from COLOP Printer 10 to COLOP Printer 60, the upper part of the stamp must be removed to access the ink cartridge.

How do I change the plate of my COLOP EOS stamp?

When you order a new plate for your COLOP EOS stamp, it is supplied with an ink cartridge. To replace, proceed as described below:

  1. Remove the protective film from your new ink cartridge and put it on a sheet.
  2. Remove the lid.
  3. Detach the upper part (image 1).
  4. Hold the stamp with your fingers and “dab” in the air to remove the ink cartridge (image 2).
  5. The ink cartridge with its plate will come off.
  6. Put the upper part back on the stamp and “stamp” on your new plate (image 3).

How do I re-ink my COLOP EOS stamp?

When you order a new plate for your COLOP EOS stamp, it is supplied with an ink cartridge. To replace, proceed as described below:

  1. Detach the upper part (image 1).
  2. The "chassis" of the buffer contains 1 to 2 holes, depending on the model. Pour about 8 drops of ink on it to EOS pads.
  3. Put the upper part back on the pad. Wait about 1 hour for the ink to flow and fully spread through the ink cassette.

Where can I find the invoice for my order?

When you order on our website, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail with your invoice attached. You can also download your invoice from your client area. However, you must have created a customer account before or at the time of your order.

Generally, we do not send invoices in paper format.


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